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Cinque Terre by Joy 05.28.2017
The Last Stop in Rome and ***Exclusive Contest*** 05.28.2017
The Next to Last Stop 05.27.2017
Bologna by Joy 05.24.2017
Mille Maglia 05.21.2017
Padova by Joy 05.21.2017
Padova, Italy 05.21.2017
Let me tell You a Story 05.16.2017
Florence by Joy 05.14.2017
Italians love to have a good time by Joy 05.14.2017
On we Go 05.12.2017
Firenze, Italy 05.12.2017
Joy's Birthday evening at Don Alfonso 1890 05.09.2017
Happy Birthday to ME by Joy 05.08.2017
Augustus Caeser, Capri, & Me 05.08.2017
Italians love their gardens by Joy 05.08.2017
The Italian lemon liqueur by Joy 05.03.2017
Big Red Bus by Joy 05.02.2017
A Few comments on Sorrento 05.02.2017
Rosa 05.01.2017
Sorrento by Joy 05.01.2017
Traveling is the same in Europe -- 04.30.2017
"Traveling is a Drag" 04.30.2017
Organized and Ready to Go 04.27.2017
I am sad... Why. Look and Find Out! 04.26.2017
An explanation is in order 04.23.2017
Practice, practice, practice 04.15.2017
A little about me and this Traveller Blog 04.13.2017
A Taste of Italy - A Beginner's Attempt at Blogging 04.09.2017