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An explanation is in order

Explanation of my Traveller Name: The Trambunctious Leporine

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I thought very carefully for a unique name to herald myself into the world of blogging. You may wonder, what the hell is a Trambunctious Leporine. Well, don't you? Yes, I am talking to YOU.

Tramsbunctious, as defined by lonelyplanet.com, is a person overly excited by trains, funiculars, and other forms of public transport. It isn't a real word, but it should be. I may start a movement to get it incorporated into the next version of Webster's dictionary. NOT!! I may be a gloriole and confabulator, but an instigator I am not. Besides these days procrastination is all I have time for.

Actually, my wife and I really do not like to travel. It has become a hassle. We do like to experience. We like to meet people and hear their story and share ours. Unfortunately, It takes the awful inconvenience of travel to get there. While I am on the subject, I hate modern airplane travel but I do like trains, Ubers, bicycles, rollerblades, SUPping, and even buses. I fly because I know when the plane reaches its destination, there is an adventure to be had.

Feel free to follow along and experience travels thru my eyes. I may be classified as a "minor" world traveller. I've been to a lot of places. I hope to fulfill my dream of living in Italy some day. " Even the ordinary can be extraordinary if you are a trambunctious traveler. "

P.S. I have to give credit to Deanna Stockweather as I borrowed, and copied some of her ideas and writing in this description of the travelling experience and my blog moniker. She said it so much better, molto meglio.

Ciao for now

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Practice, practice, practice

My first Photo attempt

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Yesterday we travelled to the Everglades, Joy, Samantha, Damon, and myself. It was an enjoyable adventure through one of Florida's National Parks.
Please let me know if you can view this picture.

That will make a beautiful addition to this blog in the future.


Photos: there are 2 photos from Shark Valley National Park . Look to the right ------->

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A little about me and this Traveller Blog

It is April 13, 2017 and soon my dream of living in Italy will be born. I am not a professional writer or even a good writer.
I am doing this for me and if you are reading this you do so at your own risk.

You may comment, critisize, correct my spelling, correct my almost truths. Exagerations are part of life, travelling, and of course fishing.
There will be no phishing, no ads, and no appeals for money.

I plan to place photos that will be pleasing and thoughtfull. Some may be thoughtless so please don't think less thoughts of me.
April 28th is the day Joy and I fly to Lisbon, then to Rome and finally Napoli on our way to Sorrento.

I promise to add pictures soon!!

Ciao and Benvenuto!!


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A Taste of Italy - A Beginner's Attempt at Blogging

"Think Yiddish, Dress British, & Act Italian"

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Sunday Morning at Starbucks, April 9, 2017

If you are here then think about this. Of all the people on this planet Earth, YOU are very extremely unique in many ways. You are one of the .00000001% (actually 2.8574E-10 %) of the persons on this planet (even less if you consider the Universe) invited to share in this blog and to me that is very special. In fact all 2 of you are on my top 10 list. But enough about you let's get down to the blog thing.

Consider that I have never done a blog before. So, this is a first-timer for both of us. This blog will be lame, in fact shitty, and there may be some "dirty" words. The pictures (if I can figure out how to work the camera, iPhone, and if I can get the pictures posted) may vary in quality, subject manner, perspective, artistic value, etc. I plan to be selective. There will be no "full frontal nudity" except for my private viewing. I am not going for an "X" rating.

My dream is that you, my gentle voyeur, will find this envoyeurable. Maybe even a giggle or two as you share the fragmented mind of this ***A.D.D. , voyager. My dream has been to live in Italy and in 20 days, the first segment of that dream is about to materialize right in front of your eyes. There should be posts, 1 per week, for the next few weeks, and then more frequently when we land in the land of my dreams.

So, let's get it on, check back and if you check out! Please let me know why. At least from one of you .

Benvenuto and Arrivederci per giorni,

Steven aka Stefano

  • ** footnote: according to mia moglie (Trans: my wife) Joy aka Gioia

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