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Sorrento by Joy

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Sorrento is beautifully nestled around the Bay of Naples between mountainous cliffs. The plastered houses are clustered closely together with occasional sprouts of broccoli-like trees planted among them. The town is full of city noises - especially the sounds of motorcycles! Long gone are the Greek mythical sirens that Homer's Ulysses escaped. From our Airbnb deck, we overlook the Bay and Mt. Vesuvius.


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Traveling is the same in Europe --

A new blogger (Joy) has arrived

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In the last 24 hours, I have been on every mode of transportation except a train - and I'm sure with Steven that is in my near future! Alitalia Airlines was a throw back to the 1960's , and the days of Pan Am when the stewardess were dressed impeccably including matching shoes and purses. Unfortunately, we were instantly transported back to 2017 when our flight was overbooked and we were bumped to the next flight 3 hours later! Arriving finally at our AirBnb at 10 p.m local time, 4 a.m. Florida time, I was a walking zombie.

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"Traveling is a Drag"

Miami to Lisbon, Lisbon to Rome, Rome to Naples, Naples to Sorrento

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Took an Uber from AquaZul to Miami International Airport . The Uber driver, Gary, was a hippy from the 60's. We talked most of the way and I knew his entire life by the time the ride ended. Are you surprised ?

Miami airport lounge was nothing special but did get to relax and capitalize on the fees spent for AmEx Platinum. `Except, we didn't need the card since we were flying 1st class. Note to self: Cancel card.


The flight to Lisbon on TAP Portugal airlines was long, 6 hours, but it felt like my life, i.e. It felt like it was taking forever. The food was very good and I must have had 3 or 4 meals. I stayed awake, I didn't want to miss a meal. The videos they played were old and worthless. Didn't watch it. I looked at the other passengers and made up stories about what I imagined was their lives. This could be topics for another blog.

Lisbon to Rome, more food, Yeah! Airplane travel isn't what it used to be. I miss the days when everyone received a meal on white tablecloth. The planes then had propellers so there was something to watch for 6 hours. Today, 1st class is what coach used to be except the attendants are a lot older.

Alitalia oversold our flight to Napoli (that's Italian). I told the lovely Italian ticket agent, "Don't you know who I am?!!, I am Chevy Chase, famous actor!".
"Yes, Mr. Schneider, I know", she replied.

We waited over 3 hours in the Rome aeroporto (that's Italian) lounge again. Much nicer lounges in Europe. Actual cute tiny Italian attendant serving coffee, alcohol, food that was decent if you wanted to eat. Compare with Miami self serve lounge of cheese crackers , tiny lifeless sandwiches, artificial coffee machine. Lots of good booze though. Sadly, I can't imbibe $450 worth of liquor.

By this time, Alitalia section was pretty desolate . Good thing, I'm aka Chevy Chase and I fly alone.

We've arrived in Sorrento at 10:00 PM. Tried to take a taxi to our Airbnb but he said we were only "a short walk away". We must have walked a mile, over cobblestone sidewalks, steep curbs, land mines, other horrendous obstacles. It felt like my life (see above) trying to find the residence for our stay in Sorrento. Meanwhile, pulling our luggage all the way. I was so proud of Joy. She was tired but didn't complain one bit. That helped.

Travelling is a Drag, when it is "Steven style".

Tomorrow, more pictures and Rosa.

Ciao for now.

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Organized and Ready to Go

Let's Get Serious

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This is my 1st map laying down tomorrows Uber ride from Fort Lauderdale to Miami International Airport.

But first you need to know that we are doing this European style. Packing and travelling light.
Here is my luggage and its contents.

Here is my new Osprey rolling backpack



Neat and Organized in EBags


My "Over the Shoulder Passport Holder" .
leather pouch

leather pouch

Note: I've had this for 50 years
and first used it in 1969 on my first trip to Europe.

All packed and loaded. Ready to go tomorrow!

luggage locked and loaded

luggage locked and loaded

Ciao for now.

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I am sad... Why. Look and Find Out!

Italy is only 2 Days away

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Gentle and few readers:
I am excited and sad at the same time. So I must be sadly excited on Wednesday.
I have quite a few followers of my blog and so few are writing anything.
I guess it is really a one way trip, this blog, but I need the social interaction.

This 5 week viaggi to Italy has been about 2 years in the making. The first step was to convince my wife to go. Then research on where to go.
I started studying Italian so i could speak a little native lingo with the natives. That part has not been easy but what I have accomplished so far
feels good. Especially when my English speaking friends cannot understand whether I know what I am saying or not. It is much harder to speak
with Fabia, my Italian tutor. I can't get anything past her.

Finally, I had to arrange transportation to Italy, in Italy, back from Italy. Also, arrangements for lodging. I am primarily using Airbnb accommodations which is a totally new venue. I'll let you know how it goes if you are brave enough to keep checking back here.

Write back, I need the encouragement.

Ciao for now

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