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Italians love their gardens by Joy

Italians seem to pay more attention to their gardens than their houses. This does not mean that their homes aren't clean, they are just in need of painting and other repair work. As for their gardens, they are impeccable - with not one weed in sight! And Italians often boast how the cherries, lemons, oranges, or tomatoes that they are serving are from their own garden.

A byproduct of their love for gardening, is their desire to recycle. And recycling is very confusing here! Our Airbnb has 5 different plastic recycling basket with notes on them. The "paper only" basket is by the front door, the "plastic, glass, & cans" basket is outside our patio door, the "'food" and separate "waste" in under the kitchen sink, and an unmarked basket is in the bathroom. So what is the difference between "food" and "waste", and what should we put in the "unmarked" basket in the bathroom? At least in a cafe in Capri, all the baskets are in one place. But, again, should the napkin that is soaked in pasta sauce, because they only give you one, go in the "garbage" or "paper" bin? Also, what about the plastics bowl with the remaining spaghetti ? Disposing of your serving dishes is more complicated than ordering the food.

The internet here is spotty so we are having trouble posting most days.

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The Italian lemon liqueur by Joy

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Sorrento is famous for its Limoncello liqueur. And like all true tourist towns, Sorrento sells "limoncello" candies, soaps, and lotions everywhere.


So, being in Rome - well almost, I did what the Romans did - or tourists in this case, I bought "limoncello" soap and lotions. Now, I bet you are wondering why I didn't buy the liqueur....well, so am I. Joy

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Big Red Bus by Joy

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Today we went on the "hop on/ hop off" big red bus touring around Sorrento and the nearby countryside villages; only here, if you get off anywhere you wait 2 hours for the next bus. Therefore, we only got off once in Sant' Agata for a 2 hour delicious lunch. One consistent thing about Italians is that they know how to eat leisurely, well, and large. (Though we are in Europe, the food portions here are like those found in the Midwest!)

The bus tour took most of the day, and if you saw what they call roads here with hairpin turns, you would understand why. (Luckily Steven quickly realized that he could'nt drive here where there are NO traffic lights, and it's like taking your life in your hands just to cross the road.)

After the bus tour, we walked home on the narrow, uneven cobblestone walkway, hugging the buildings as motorcycles, mini-car and big buses passed us within inches. Taking our usual route about 6 pm, we were surprised to find the popular pizzeria - where locals always crowded the entrance and forced us into the street, was almost empty. We quickly ordered a pizza to go (because no one but tourists eat before 8pm), and devoured it immediately once we got home. It was as fantastic as all the local fans said it was.

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A Few comments on Sorrento

Italian strengths, driving, and photos

sunny 62 °F

The map is pretty uneventful. The villages we toured are so small they aren't listed on the map.

A few thoughts of Italy:
I have enjoyed the Sorrentians. They are friendly and helpful, extremely laid back. I like that.

Here are a few other things I like about Italy. The coffee is strong, the dollar is strong (Yeah), the woman are strong, the men are also strong (could shower a bit more}.

The roads are narrow and the driving is .... Roba da Pazzi (T.I.), i.e. Crazy Stuff. Today we took a bus tour through Sorrento and the surrounding mountainous countryside. To say the least, the bus drivers are very skilled, the auto drivers are very macho, and the scooters are maniacs. They pass, weave, scoot this way and that, they drive on and off the road, the other side of the road, on the sidewalks, into oncoming traffic. I am expecting to witness a beheading Italian style but so far nothing. Only the many ambulances and their sirens as they go wailing by.

Enough of the commentary, some photos

The Isle of Capri, so close you can almost touch it

Pretty lady waving to me from tour bus

Sunset over Golfi di Napoli (T.I.) from our room

I am so thankful we didn't rent a car and drive amongst all this madness, Yeah!!

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Arrival at Rosa's B&B and tour through Sorrento, Italy

Finally we found the narrow lane to Rosa's B&B. She was on her small window terrace looking out for us. As Joy and I looked up at her it reminded me of a scene from Romeo and Juliet. Except it was Rosio and Joyliette. Enough of the punny stuff.

We slept and rested most of Sunday. We did manage to walk into La Piazza, Sorrento (that's Italian) and then to the harbor for dinner.


The view of the cliffs bordering the harbor. We had a delicious dinner at Porta Marina. The view was beautiful and so was the food and wine.

Spent the next day in Sorrento sightseeing. Of course there are

Church interior

Church interior

Lemons, Limoncello (that's Italian), and Negozi Limoni (that's Italian)
Lemon store in Sorrento

Lemon store in Sorrento

Ciao for now

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