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Florence to Padua

Today we say good-bye to Firenze


Tomorrow we go to Padua. Please join our adventure

Grazie a voi for all your comments!

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Firenze, Italy

A glimpse of this wonderful city

La città di Firenze is wonderous. It's name, Florence, is appropriate because like a woman it is



Curvaceous and artistic

Colorful and Joyful

Hard to understand

Classic and modern

and like a woman, everyone must know her.

Visit Firenze, you won't be disappointed.

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Joy's Birthday evening at Don Alfonso 1890

All we can say is Wow WoW WOW!!

I had reserved dinner at Don Alfonso 1890 restaurant in the hills overlooking Gulf of Sorrento and Gulf of Napoli. I made the reservation for her birthday May 5th, Friday at 8 PM (the first sitting), or at least so I thought. When we arrive, after a 60 euro taxi ride, they didn't have our reservation . I had made it for Wednesday and thought in my mind it was for Friday. HOW EMBARRASING!!! Joy was gracious as always and I felt so small I could have crawled under the Maitre' D's appointment book.

They could not have been more accomodating or "family". They gave us a tour of the wine cellar which is a story unto itself.

They seated us in a salon, fed us with appetizers and wine, showed us a video of their history and philosophy while we waited for a cancellation.
Several different members of the team, including the owner Livia, looked in on us to make sure we were comfortable. In just under an hour they had a table for us.

Without further ado, I will present our 3 1/2 hour dinner.....

Appetizer and wine in the Salon:

Joy's Dinner:
Thin sliced seared tuna, rice crumble with spices, red onion sauce
Deep fried lobster sweet and sour, acidula of citrus fruit

The rediscovery of the baked egg with Burrata and black truffle

Lemon sorbet

Spaghetti with mackerel in Carpione te, breadcrumbs, pine nuts and candied onions, on a sauce of turnips and Alalunga tuna

Laticauda lamb with a Mediterranean herb mince and Aioli emulsion

Selection of Cheeses

"Pre-desert" Lemon Cup with lemon custard cream

2nd desert- Assorted pastries
Can you see the smoke flowing over the pastries?


My dinner
Thin sliced seared tuna....

Eel ice cream, Oscietra caviar, pasta scented with rose and a mince of wild herbs

Lemon sorbet

Duck breast confit with cinnamon, borage, Apple preserve and reduction of balsamic vinegar

Pumpkin Gnocchi with a liquid heart of goat cheese, fruit mustard, pistachio and crispy potato flavored with sage

Capelli filled with veal Genoese style, Grana Padano veloute, dried vegetables and black truffle

Breaded and fried codfish, served with his bone, sweet and sour of lemon and buffalo yoghurt

Tenderloin from Benevento in bread crust, Mozzarella and pork cheek with a green cream and a chilli tomato purée

My dessert


Our final Desert #3 was a Meringue Birthday Cake and liquors for Joy, for joy for joy

Happy Birthday #?? To my Gioia
What are we going to do Next Year?

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Happy Birthday to ME by Joy

May 5th was my lucky double digit birthday, and how fortunate was I to celebrate it in Italy! Though, if I was really Italian, I could celebrate my birthday twice a year; once on the day of my actual birth or birthday, and then on the date assigned to the Saint I was named after or name day (Onomastica). Wouldn't it be fun to get presents and cake twice a year, and only add one year to your age! Maybe I should become Italian? I know Steven would like that because he loves everything Italian. Of course, If I did, then I couldn't celebrate Mother's Day. Joy

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Augustus Caeser, Capri, & Me

It ain't all what's it's cracked up to be

sunny 70 °F

"To Have a great idea, have lots of them." - Thomas Edison


The great first Emperor of the Roman republic was Caeser Augustus. I hope that I got his name right. Read on and you will surely find out why later. Capri is our trip for the day. When the island was first inhabited there we're small porcine animals with sharp teeth living on the island. The word in GGreek for pig is "Kapras" and thus the name evolved over time.

2000 years or so ago Capri looked pretty good to Caeser Augustus as his private island getaway. He decided to turn it into his own vacation spot. He built palaces, baths, beaches, a bowling alley, etc. One thing he left out was an invitation to me and Joy. Probably a good thing since he might had taken Joy for a ride. Not a good thing.

Today, Capri is still a vacation spot with a busy port herding thousands and thousands of beautiful people onto its shores every day. There are expensive shops, restaurants, celebrities, and beautiful gardens.... All for my delight and the delight of a few thousand of my closest amici (TI).


Our tour included a visit to alle grotto azurro , the blue grotto. An archeological wonder for the person who is lucky enough to own it. There is a charge of 14 euros per person, with hundreds, if not thousands waiting hours at times for a 15 minute ride squashed on your back in a little row boat feeling like one of the "sardines" swimming languidly and freely below us.Check this one off my bucket list.


Now you can check it off yours.

Lastly, back to Emperor Augustus Caeser. In his day, he was "the Man". He had money, he had unlimited power. His gardens, statues, palazzi were as nice or nicer than, well a Saudi Arabian prince's digs. However, it is reported that if you were on his shit list, he would just have you tossed off the cliff from behind his pallaza into the sea below. This began the term, "The Big Plotz". (A little bit of fractured history). This would have included wives and paramours. They call it "divorce Italian style". Much easier and much less expensive than our modern methods of separation . Ah for the good old days.
Mia Casa Della montagna. Molto Alta !!

Moral: It's great to be king.

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